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Wedding Dances





Wedding Dance's

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Toe 2 Toe Dance



Worried about wowing your guests as you step onto the dance floor on your wedding night?

Then we are here to help!

Your Wedding Dance will be a first dance you share together moments after you say 'I do.'

It should be the most romantic and exciting experience. as you take to the floor hand in hand, cheek to cheek and be whisked around the dance floor with the one you love! It will also be one of the most nerve wracking moments of the day as all eyes will be on you and we at Toe-2-Toe Dance would like to help you ease those worries and teach you how to enchant your guests as you take to the dance floor as newlyweds!

Whether you are new to dancing, have two left feet, or want a show stopping performance! 

Help has arrived to make sure you feel as confident and as accomplished as you desire on the dance floor on your special day.

What do you imagine your First Dance to be like??

Romantic, slow, traditional, cheeky, smooth.......?

Whether you are starting from a blank canvas or have a dance idea in mind let us know and we will expertly guide you into creating a bespoke and special routine to suit your ability, song choice and personality.

We know how nervous it can be to get up in front of friends and family and do something you have never done before. That's why we will teach you how to glide onto the dance floor with confidence and grace as well as learning the dance steps to wow their socks off!

Click on the DOCX button to download our latest FULL wedding dance brochure

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